SDGS for the SDGs

The conference theme is SDGS for the SDGs - or Students Doing Goal-Oriented Science for the Sustainable Development Goals. This includes any research: Social, economic, environmental, or beyond. The conference is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary.

Who should attend?

Join individuals from universities and other academic/non-academic institutes from all across the world to talk about the research and projects you are doing to advance the SDGs! Topics can relate to any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and can take any disciplinary lens. The students involved will be drawn from undergraduate, Masters, and PhD studies.

We have participants attending from across five continents! Please keep in mind the difference in time zones as shown below. 

How will the conference run?

It will run via Blackboard and Padlet. We will send you all the links you need to access these in the program. The conference program will be emailed to you ahead of the conference.

  • The conference will start with housekeeping and a discursive plenary.

  • Participants will then move between small concurrent poster and talk sessions linked to particular SDGs. These will be moderated by academics and senior students. The conference environment will be supportive, inclusive, and dynamic.

  • There will be a closing plenary session.

The conference is designed to be short, to suit the virtual format, and to keep things exciting!

What can I present?

If you only wish to attend and the conference sessions are suitable for your particular subject/unit and course, you can simply register here. We will email you the program, access links, and everything you need to know closer to the date. 

We look forward to seeing you on December 9!

If you wish to present at the conference, this is fantastic! This is an ideal opportunity to see what a conference is like and to practise presenting. Well done for seizing this opportunity! You will present in a particularly supportive and encouraging environment with like-minded individuals and academics from all over the world.

You can choose to present a short talk, E-Poster, press conference, or other type of presentation. Please register here by November 20, selecting your desired format and the most relevant SDG.

You will have time to prepare your presentation ahead of the conference on December 09. For example, E-Posters can be uploaded to Padlet right up until two days ahead of the conference here.

If you would like to gain advice on what to present, please see your lead academic at your specific university.

The conference is designed to be short, to suit the virtual format, and to keep things exciting. You will gain access to a detailed conference program closer to the date, with all the links you will need to access the different sessions and plenaries.

Some brief advice is shown below.

For Master of Environment and Sustainability students (Monash), your work from ENS5010 (white paper), ENS5020, ENS5901/02, ENS5910, ENS5920 and ENS5930 is particularly easy to translate across to the conference. Your talk can be related to any SDG.

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